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Athletics Participation

These Co-curricular Activities Guidelines shall apply to all non-classroom activities sponsored by Crescent School. Non-classroom activities are all activities which take place outside the classroom, such as clubs, sports, plays, concerts, programs, practices, and competitions. 
Students wishing to participate in co-curricular activities must maintain a 2.0 GPA and have no failures, including mid-quarter reports. Students are subject to school rules while participating in school-sponsored co-curricular activities.

Fall activities use 2nd semester grades from the previous year. Students who are ineligible in the fall must wait until the 1st quarter mid-term report before eligibility can be established, or be granted eligibility by the staff eligibility committee. For all other activity seasons, after the 1st quarter mid-term, eligibility shall be based on current progress report grades.
a)    Academic Eligibility Appeals: 
All appeals may be heard by the staff eligibility committee. The committee will consist of the athletic director and at least two other staff members. They shall have the authority to grant eligibility for students who have met WIAA requirements, but not the district requirements. Appeals will be granted only when there is clear evidence that academic ineligibility is the result of circumstances beyond the student’s control.

Ineligible students may submit an appeal five days after being declared ineligible. Appeal forms are available in the school office. Failure to successfully appeal ineligibility status will keep a student from participating in school activities for five school days or until the student demonstrates they are eligible. The athletic director or designee will check grades each Tuesday and submit a list to coaches, teachers and administrative staff that will include any student that is not eligible based on the district policy or the criteria of the staff eligibility committee. If a currently ineligible student becomes eligible, the eligibility takes effect at the beginning of school on Wednesday morning. All students participating in co-curricular activities will be monitored each Tuesday.

Ineligible students may not ride to away activities or games on district transportation or be excused from school to attend an away game.
Students participating in athletics may be required to donate work time in the concession stand during athletic events. Failure of a student athlete to fulfill the assigned work time will cause that athlete to be ineligible for the next athletic event in which they are scheduled to participate.
In order to participate in co-curricular activities (including practices) at Crescent, students must be in attendance during ALL assigned class periods the day of the activity/event or the school day before if the activity/event is on Saturday unless pre-excused by the principal. In addition, students must also be in attendance on school days following a game or they will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game. Students assigned after school tutorials by a teacher must attend the tutorial before going to practice.
Students will travel to school sponsored events in school transportation. Students will return from school sponsored events in school transportation. Parents/guardians attending an away event may sign their child out at the conclusion of the event to transport their child home with them.

Students riding school transportation home from events will return to the Crescent School site. Exceptions to this procedure must be approved by the coach and principal/athletic administrator. Any arrangements where a student is to be dropped off at a site other than school must require that a parent or guardian be waiting to meet the student at the pre-arranged site. In every case, if the parent or guardian is not at the site when the school vehicle arrives, the student will be taken to the school. Transportation from the school site to home is the responsibility of the students and parents.