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Playground Safety

Students engaged in unsafe practices will be subject to discipline. If parents or students are aware of an unsafe practice please notify the school person in charge.
NO SNACKS, FOOD OR DRINKS of any type will be allowed on the playground or gym during any recess. 
•    Students must go down feet first.
•    One student at a time on the slide.
•    No climbing on slides, up slides, or on top of tunnel slide.
•    NO sitting, spinning, or climbing on top of this device. 
•    Students may not use coats to help reach bar or to swing from bar.
•    Students may not help younger students reach the bar, if you cannot get on by yourself, you cannot use the tilt swing.
•    Students must stop the swing when someone wants to get off. 
•    Students should also stand at least 4 feet away from students swinging to prevent injuries. 
•    Students are to wait in line for their turn, not try to get on while other kids are swinging.
•    Only one student at a time on the spinning device. 
•    Students must spin themselves, not have others spin them. 
•    No pushing. 
•    Students must take turns. 
Kindergarten through fifth grade students are not allowed on the track or football field at any time during recess. 
Students are expected and encouraged to play and have fun without getting wet and muddy. Students who blatantly violate this rule will be issued consequences.
•    Playing football is not allowed. Playing catch with a football between two students is allowed.
•    Playing tag is not allowed. 
•    Bleachers are off limits. Students must not be on or under the bleachers, they must be in the play shed or playground areas. 
•    Students are encouraged to run and play on the big field next to the playground. 
•    No soccer or kickball are allowed up by the portables but can be played further east on the playground field. 
•    No throwing snowballs.
•    Students’ personal toys are not allowed on the playground.
Playground equipment may be checked out during recess through the playground supervisor. The playground supervisor will monitor its use and timely return.
•    No snacks or food or drinks of any type will be allowed in the gym during recess or lunch activities. 
•    All food and beverage items must be consumed in the cafeteria prior to leaving for other areas, including the gym.
•    Students are not allowed to climb on the bleachers. 
•    Playing football or playing catch with a football is not allowed in the gym.
•    Basket balls are not to be thrown from half court, students may throw from the 3 point line. 
•    Balls are not to be thrown up toward the ceiling lights. 
•    No dodge ball unless supervised. 
•    Balls may be bounced against the wall below the line separating the concrete area from the area above – no bouncing balls above the concrete. 
•    Students are not allowed in the locker room at any time. 
•    Elementary recess will only be held in the gym when bad weather excludes outside activity – snow, rain, heavy winds. Please make sure your child brings appropriate outerwear for the outside temperatures.
Students should wear sturdy footwear for running and athletic activities.