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In the event of an emergency school closure, the superintendent will notify the following systems with closure information:

Automated phone system (ParentSquare)

Calls/texts made to your primary phone number

Radio stations

KONP 1450 AM

Television stations


School emergency voicemail

Call 928-3311, option 4

Parent Square

Ask the office if you need help logging in

Facebook Page

Crescent Loggers

PLEASE DO NOT CALL the radio stations as they are extremely busy trying to make contact with all the schools and businesses gathering closure information. Students and parents should use the information sources above prior to 7:00 a.m. to receive the latest information. If the TV stations do not report a change in the school schedule, we will conduct school as usual.

You may also call the school at 928-3311, option 4, for closing announcements.
School officials are prepared for various emergencies that may arise while your children are at school. A set of policies and procedures governs responses in emergencies.

In an emergency, such as an earthquake, toxic gas leak, fire, or volcanic eruption, the superintendent is the responsible authority. He/she will consult with the appropriate authority to determine whether students and staff members will remain at school or not. Unless there is imminent danger, students will remain at school in the custody of school officials under most all foreseeable emergency circumstances. This is vital because hazards in the area and homes could be worse than at school.
Students will not be sent home until the school staff has verified that someone is at home to provide supervision, or care has been arranged with relatives, neighbors or friends of your family.
All parents, particularly those with younger children, should pre-arrange for at least two alternate places for youngsters to go if students are dismissed and no one is at home to care for them.