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Superintendent's Message

2019-2020 School Year “The Year of Change”

It is an exciting time in our district as our board has just approved a new strategic plan that will be our guide through 2024. This has been a year-long work where many stakeholders have been able to provide their input. We have six goal areas that can be found here.  This plan will emphasize outdoor education, our school garden, community partnerships and healthy life styles.  The district budget will be aligned to support those goals.


At the end of the 2018-2019 school year our district has experienced more retirements at one time than I can remember in my thirty-three years as an employee in the district. We have hired a number of new teachers and will be hiring some office support staff as they are retiring. Please join us in welcoming Mrs. Therese Carroll as our new principal beginning July 1, 2019.  Mrs. Carroll has extensive experience both as an administrator and a teacher. For the past four years, she has taught Crescent High School Current World Problems, United States History, Civics, Pacific Northwest History, World History, Economics, World Geography, Sociology, and Psychology. Prior to coming to Crescent, Mrs. Carroll worked for the large urban Albuquerque Public Schools where she taught for eight years and was in administration for 18 years, serving as teacher, assistant principal, district administrator, and principal.


In the next few months, the board will be planning the levy renewal that we will ask our voters to approve in February of 2020. With the legislative reform known as the McCleary decision, there are some new rules related to how levy money can be used and I will be working with our business manager, Nora Martin, to answer your questions as we prepare for the levy vote.


Our staff has recently completed some safety training in the ALICE protocols to help us respond in the event of an emergency event. Our door lock replacement is 98% completed which is also enhancing the safety for staff and students on campus.


Our staff is working to improve the social-emotional support and access to services for our students through a program we call “Student Care”.  With a grant from Clallam County we have begun the Hope Squad program which is a peer-led Suicide Prevention program. This is under the direction of Sherri Jones and Katie Sikes.


I am pleased to announce that we have renewed our contract with the State of Washington for two more years providing us with a full-time Student Assistance professional and a partnership with the Crescent United Coalition program.


This summer we are completing additional facilities projects aimed at making our campus more accessible, safer and a bit cleaner. We will continue with this theme into the summer of 2020 with some additional projects.   Much of this is possible because of the voter-approved capital projects levy in February of 2016.


The elementary staff adopted a new math curriculum that they will begin using this fall. The district is continuing to purchase Chromebooks so that we can get more up-to-date technology into student hands. We have more and more teachers that are using the Google Classroom programs to assist them in providing quality lessons for our students.


There is a lot to be excited about as we prepare for the 2019-2020 school year!