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Special Services Program

This is a reminder that the Crescent School District provides special education services for students with disabilities, ages 0-21 years of age. Please contact Special Services (360) 928-3311 Cassie Davidson, ext. 1020, or Therese Carroll, Principal, ext. 1004, if you have questions pertaining to our programs.
Extra flexibility has also been created for students who speak English as a second language and those enrolled in special education programs:
•    Special testing accommodations, such as translators and scribes, are available to English language learners and students enrolled in special education.
•    Students who need extra time to pass the state assessment and earn certificates because of language barriers will have opportunities to continue working toward their high school diplomas on community college campuses.
•    Special education students for whom the state assessment is not an appropriate assessment, given their level of disability, may earn an alternative Certificate of Individual Achievement instead of the Certificate of Academic Achievement to receive their high school diplomas. Students may demonstrate their skills and abilities to earn this alternate certificate in a number of ways – specifics will be spelled out in each student’s individual education plan.
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