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Student Dress and Property

In an effort to create a less disruptive learning environment on campus and in classrooms, the district has implemented guidelines regarding apparel. The district has deemed the following items inappropriate for school:
  • apparel that is profane in nature or that advertises or promotes products that are illegal for use by minors, including profanity, lewdness or references to alcohol, tobacco, weapons or inappropriate activities;
  • clothing that reveals or exposes cleavage, torso, posterior, or undergarments;
  • halter tops;
  • pants, shorts, or sweats that are sagged below the hipline;  
  • dresses, skirts, shorts that do not cover undergarments at all times;
  • leggings cannot be translucent / see-thru and must be worn with a top that covers the torso.
Please label jackets, hats, lunch pails, etc. and all personal property. Since the school cannot assume responsibility for these items, we suggest that expensive items such as cameras, etc. not be brought to school. Electronic devices including, but not limited to, radios, cd’s and cd players, video games, cell phones, handheld computer devices, laptops, etc. are not allowed in the classroom. Inappropriate use of these items during class time will result in disciplinary consequences as well as the confiscation of the item(s). Confiscated items will be available for pickup in the office at the end of the school day. Toys are not allowed on the playground and students must receive teacher permission to bring these items to school.
  1. Cell phones must be turned off and put away during class into a pocket wall organizer in classroom, including PE (phones are to be off and put away in your PE locker).
  2. Any other electronic devices are not allowed in the classroom without prior permission from the classroom teacher.
  3. Inappropriate use of these items during the school day will result in disciplinary consequences as well as the confiscation of the item(s). First offense confiscated items will be available for student pickup in the office at the end of the school day. Each additional offense will require a parent to pick up the item in the office and a detention will be issued.

Lockers are provided for all middle & high school students. Lockers for the high school students are located in the high school corridor and middle school lockers are located near the east library entrance and the block building for placement of books, backpacks and other school related items. Backpacks will not be allowed in the classroom during class time. Locks are provided by the school and students are expected to keep their lockers secured at all times with the lock provided. Use of locks not provided by the school is prohibited and will be removed. Changes of locker must be cleared through the office before any changes are made. Students will be charged $10.00 for lost locks.

Locks are recommended for your PE/sport lockers, your items are not secure without a lock. Please check out a lock in the office. The District will not be responsible for the loss or damage to items stored in lockers.

All school lockers are, and remain, the property of the District. Students may have no expectation of privacy with regard to the contents of assigned lockers. The school district retains the right to inspect the student lockers for any reason at any time without notice, without student consent, and without a search warrant.