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Online Learning / Credit Recovery

The district will facilitate access to online learning courses and programs for students enrolled in high school grades 10-12.  Students requesting permission to take an online course or participate in a district-created online program must adhere to the following criteria:
•    Have completed any required prerequisites and provide teacher/counselor recommendations to confirm that he/she possesses the academic level needed to function effectively in an online learning environment.
•    Comply with existing district policies for registering/enrolling in a course or district program.
•    Students interested in attending an online school program in another district must follow the inter-district transfer procedures prior to entering that program.
Courses offered to students for which the district claims state education funding will be paid by the school district. Students/families may be responsible for fees for classes that are outside of the school day and are not part of the required classes for graduation.
1.    Credit for online courses will be granted in the same manner as other course offerings in the district.
2.    Currently enrolled students must have prior approval prior to enrolling in an online course provided outside the district.
3.    For students transferring credit from online courses or programs taken while enrolled outside the district, credit will be granted according to the district transfer credit policy.
4.    For eligible courses, if course credit is earned, the course will be recorded on the transcript as an online-learning course.
Parents or guardians are responsible for costs/fees as outlined above.

Parents or guardians are responsible for seeking appropriate technology – per district recommendation – for student participation in coursework outside the school day or designated online learning period.