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School Employee Benefits Board (SEBB) 

School District employees benefits are managed through the School Employee Benefits Board (SEBB). Any employee anticipated to work at least 630 hours in the school year is eligible for benefits,   Dental, Vision, Basic Life/AD&D, Basic Long Term Disability are paid for by the District. Supplemental life insurance and long term disability can be purchased by the employee and also set up a Health Flexible Spending (FSA) accounts. Dependent Care Assistant Program (DCAP) account and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) if they qualify. All eligible employees must apply for and manage their benefits through SEBB My Account.  


NEXT ANNUAL OPEN ENROLLMENT - OCT 30 - NOV 20, 2023.  New Elections Effective JANUARY 1, 2024


This is your opportunity to make changes to your medical, dental and vision selections, add eligible dependents, remove dependents, add medical coverage if you previously waived it or waive medical coverage if you qualify to do so.   Here's a few important points:

  • Changes are made through SEBB My Account.  Contact Payroll if you forgot your password.
  • Employees are not required to make any changes to their health plan during open enrollment in which case they will continue on the plan enrolled in last year.
  • If you are covering a spouse or state-registered domestic partner, you may need to re attest to their eligibility.  You will be notified of this in SEBB My Account.
  • Enrollment in a Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and/or a Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP) must take place every year.  It does not automatically continue.
Find more information use the SEBB Employee Information link at the bottom of the page.


SPECIAL OPEN ENROLLMENT -  An employee may be eligible for a SPECIAL OPEN ENROLLMENT for events such as marriage, birth or adoption of a child, loss of insurance coverage by the employee or dependent or a change in residence resulting in a current health plan becoming unavailable. Please contact the Payroll Office as soon as possible should you anticipate or experience a special enrollment event.  See SEBB Special Open Enrollment for more information and apply through SEBB My Account. 


NEW EMPLOYEES will be evaluated for eligibility at the time of hire and given written notification and instructions on how to enroll if eligible or how to appeal if not eligible.  All eligible employees must enroll in benefits using SEBB My Account within their thirty day enrollment period. See Creating SEBB Account and Making Elections  at the bottom of the page for tips to setting up your account and making elections. Dental and Vision coverage are mandatory.  The employee may waive medical coverage under certain circumstances.  If an employee does not enroll in benefits during their enrollment period they will be defaulted into medical coverage.  Please read your eligibility notice carefully for instructions and deadlines and contact the Payroll Office for assistance.  


NEW EMPLOYEE PREVIOUSLY COVERED BY ANOTHER SEBB ORGANIZATION?  If you were covered under SEBB with a previous employer and there has been no break in coverage, please complete the Transferring Employee Information found below so we can work with your previous employer to transfer your coverage.  Your will only make new elections at this time if your SEBB medical plan is not available in our county. If no changes are made, your medical cards will continue to be valid.  Your opportunity to make changes will come at Open Enrollment or if you have a Special Open Enrollment Event.


ELIGIBILITY CHANGES - Employees not initially eligible for SEBB Benefits may qualify later if your hours change or you work more than 630 hours in a school year. The Payroll Office will provide you with a notice of eligibility at that time with instructions on how to enroll and deadlines. See SEBB Eligibility Determination for more information.  Please contact the Payroll Office if you have questions about your eligibility.


If you have questions about your specific medical, dental or vision insurance benefits please contact your provider directly.  See your medical card or the links to SEBB Medical, Dental or Vision information below.


SEBB CONTINUATION COVERAGE provides continuation of medical benefits by self paying premiums when employment ends or a dependent loses coverage due to age. See SEBB Continuation Coverage  or contact the Payroll Office for more information.


LEAVING OUR DISTRICT? In addition to a letter of resignation, please complete the CSD Notice of Separation found below.  This will help to determine when your SEBB Benefits end and give us the contact information we need to keep in touch with you.


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