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Department of Retirement Services (DRS)
Whether you are a new member, in the middle of your career or getting ready to retiree, the DRS website has a wealth of information for you.  Webinars, newsletters, seminars and access to your DRS Retirement Account are available here.  The helpful DRS staff is also available to answer your questions at 800-547-6657.  Find forms and information for you situation below or contact the Payoll Office for help.
**To be eligible for retirement the position must be a minimum of 70 hours per month for at least five months. The DRS Position Eligibility Form is used to determine eligibility and will be completed by the Payroll Office for you at your time of hire.
Current Members
The Retirement Outlook newsletter provides valuable information about DRS programs, benefits and services. You can review recent issues by choosing the link below.
You can sign up for online account access. This access will allow you to review your service credit, contributions, beneficiary information and much more. You can also create a benefit estimate that is based on the data in your account, and when you’re ready, retire online .  Beneficiary information can also be updated by completing the form below.
The Deferred Compensation Program can supplement your retirement with tax-deferred savings. More info at
Crescent currently participates in VEBA, which means that as long as employee groups vote to participate in the VEBA plan, all sick leave cashouts will be sent to VEBA.  Employees who have cash-outs from either an annual buy-back or from retirement must enroll as a VEBA member.  VEBA member benefits include the ability to spend the funds deposited into their VEBA account on a pre-tax basis for out-of-pocket medical expenses.  To enroll, fill out the form at the back of the VEBA Plan Brochure and return it to Payroll.
Nearing Retirement 
DRS has many resources as you plan for retirement.  Click the links below for more information on preparing for retirement with DRS and the PEBB Retiree Insurance Program.  See also the VEBA Plan information above.  Feel free to contact the Payroll Office for assistance as you work through the process.