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Payroll - How Things Work
  • Pay Day is the last business day of each month.  See Payroll Calendar to the right.
  • Pay Roll Cut Off is the last day on timesheets for that month.  Timesheets should be turned in to your supervisor on  the next business day. Extra hours or changes in schedule should be approved by your supervisor in advance.
  • Teachers and Administrator contracts are divided into twelve equal monthly payments.  Timesheet hours for teachers are rare but could include after school programs, subbing for other teachers during prep time or teacher mentor hours.  Complete a Timesheet and submit it to the Payroll Office after Payroll Cut Off. 
  • Classified Staff are paid hourly.  Annual hours are calculated and divided into twelve equal monthly payments.  Customized timesheets are prepared for each employee and variances (such as sick leave, personal leave, vacation, unpaid time off or extra hours) are reported on those timesheets.
  • Coaching contracts are paid out in two to five months based on the length and months of the season.  Classified employees who are coaching should keep track of their coaching hours on a separate blank timesheet and turn it in to the Payroll Office at the end of the season.
Time Off for Teachers
  • Teachers enter time off in SmartFind Express. 
  • SmartFind will have correct time off balances. Balances in Employee Access will be updated monthly with payroll when absences are exported from SmartFind.  Contact the Payroll Office if you see a discrepancy or have  questions about your balances. 
  • Absences for Professional Development (Training) or School Business (Field Trips, Meetings) must be preapproved by the superintendent before a call goes out for a substitute.  Include details about the absence when you enter it and allow extra time for approval. 
  • Absences cannot be entered retroactively.  Contact the Payroll Office if for some reason you were unable to enter an absence. 
  • Absences can be entered by phone or on-line.  See the guides below for instructions on entering an absence.
Time Off for Classified Employees is reported on their customized monthly timesheets.  OPHC Workshop Leaders should compete a time off form.  Substitutes who have accumulated sick leave should contact the Payroll Office if they need to use it.
Time Off for Administrators - Administrators enter time off in Skyward.  See attached powerpoint for step by step instructions.
PAYROLL FORMS - Basic payroll forms are found below.