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Annual leave is offered to employees who work in year-round positions.  Eligible, hourly, non-represented employees are allocated annual leave per the individual's contract or the PSE bargaining contract.  See Policy 5411.
Traditionally-observed holidays are incorporated into the school calendar as non-work days.  Classified employees and administrators who are scheduled to work the day before and after a holiday are to receive the holiday as a paid day.  If an employee is required and pre-approved to work on a holiday, the time worked shall be paid double.  Holidays are paid per the employee's regular schedule and not more than eight hours.  See Policy 5410.
Sick Leave is offered at a rate of 1 day per month worked, up to 10 days per year, in the amount per day of the employee's normal schedule.  Leave balances may carryover from year to year, up to a maximum of 1350 hours or as allowed by statute and board policy.  Leave buyout options are available annually and upon termination if eligibility requirements are met.
Emergency Leave is allocated to each employee up to 2 days per year, in the amount per day of the employee's normal schedule.  Emergency leave balances are included in the sick leave balance for allocation, use, and buyout.
Employees who must take extended time from work for medical or other reasons may qualify for specific benefits under the "Family Medical Leave Act" or "Paid Medical Leave Act."  Check with the business office
Military Leave is allowable per Policy 5407.
Personal Leave is allocated to staff in bargained units per the bargaining contract. 
Professional Leave may be authorized to employees on a case-by-case bases for purposes of professional development.

Employees will not be penalized in any manner for required jury duty service. Employees subpoenaed as witnesses in trials involving school related incidents are eligible for leave with pay.  See Policy 5408.