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General Information

This Employee Handbook provides information you need to know about the policies, practices, responsibilities and benefits that are a part of working for the Crescent School District. Only the highlights of personnel information are presented; some details and exceptions have been omitted. As a result, this handbook is not a full and complete official statement of School Board Personnel Policy. Further, it is not a contract for employment or for providing any benefits. Policy numbers are indexed for easy reference.


Changes in business occur constantly, and we often have to alter policies or procedures in order to keep pace. This handbook and the policies described within will be changed or additions will be made from time to time as the Board deems necessary. Any changes will be posted on Crescent School District’s website.  


Please become familiar with all of the policies and regulations described here. Keep your Employee Handbook nearby for ready reference. If there are points that are not clear to you, or if problems arise, please consult with your supervisor.


We hope that this information will be helpful to you and that your employment with Crescent School District will be rewarding and productive.