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Paying for Meals

1.    We can take payment as follows:

A. Cash or Check. If you send it with a student, please put it in an envelope and write the student's name on the outside and that it is for food payment.

B.  Credit or Debit. 

2. Online through  via Parent Square . Paying online is a cinch!

What happens if my student's account goes below zero?

When a student's account is less than zero, our automated phone system will give you a call to remind you to replenish the account.  These phone calls go out on Mondays and Thursdays.
When a student has had five lunches without a payment being made, someone from the business office, principal's office, or counselor's office will call the parent or guardian to discuss payment options or provide assistance with the Free/Reduced Meal Application.
Don't forget:  If you are feeling a financial pinch, we encourage all families to apply for free/reduced meals
For more information, please see the following procedure:

Translation notification

This document includes important information regarding food benefits for your child. If you need
dietary accommodations for your child, additional assistance, or this information translated into
another language at no cost to you please contact us at 360-928-3311 ext. 1002
Este documento incluye información importante con respecto a los beneficios alimentarios de su
hijo/a. Si necesita una dieta especial para su hijo/a, asistencia adicional, o que se traduzca esta
información a otro idioma sin costo, comuníquese con nosotros al 360-928-3311 ext. 1002. 
В этом документе содержится важная информация о льготах на питание для вашего
ребенка. Если вам нужны диетические условия для вашего ребенка, дополнительная
помощь или перевод этой информации на другой язык бесплатно для вас, пожалуйста,
свяжитесь с нами по адресу 360-928-3311 ext. 1002.