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Child Nutrition Program

Crescent is operating under the Seamless Summer Option program for the 21/22 School Year.  This means that all children age 1-18 may eat at no cost, regardless of financial status.  Watch for more information.

Healthy Meals

Our cafeteria strives to provide healthy, nutritious meals for all students.  We welcome all comments and helpful suggestions to make our cafeteria a happy and healthy place to eat. 

We know and appreciate that parents who send a home-prepared meal with their student also have the same expectations for meeting nutrition needs.

Meal Sharing

Please remind students not to directly share meals with other students due to food allergies that the giving student may not be aware of.  That said, if a student does not open a food item on their tray, they can set the unopened item on the "Share Table" where another student may wish to take it.  The Share Table is for school lunch items only, and we ask that home-prepared items are not shared with other students due to food allergy concerns.

Special Dietary Accomodations

For students who need modifications made to their child's meal, please complete the attached form.

Meal Patterns

Our cafeteria complies with USDA National School Lunch Program Meal Patterns.  The meal patterns are designed to encourage fruits and vegetables, grains, and a protein source (meat or meat alternative), all the while limiting salt, fat, and sugar.