It's time to register your child for kindergarten!

Getting ready for changes can help the transition to kindergarten easier for everyone!
  1. Gather necessary paperwork. You'll need to provide a birth certificate with at least one parent name who is registering the child. Immunization records will be needed also. 
  2. Complete registration forms. You can find all the registration paperwork here. Return them as soon as possible to the school or email them to [email protected]
  3. Mark your calendar. Look for deadlines and events, like kindergarten registration deadlines or back to school nights. 
  4. Talk with your child’s preschool teacher and/or ask the internet for tips! Find out how you can support your child’s transition from pre-K to Kindergarten. Here's one source, but there are many more you can find on the web. 
  5. Give your child opportunities to make choices. Provide chances for your child to follow directions, listen, and follow rules.
  6. Build excitement. Talk to your child and read books about school and  this new adventure.