School Gardeners To Sell Fruits of Their Labor

The Crescent School Garden is thriving this summer thanks to some dedicated Crescent families. Seven families are officially signed up this summer for regular watering, weeding and even mowing! More families who've helped in previous summers also stop by the garden at their convenience to do some watering and/or weeding. 

Student and Parent Volunteers

Parents and students volunteer at least one day a week to keep the garden growing! We appreciate these families - it takes a village to raise a garden of this size!

  • The Dunavants  (Lexi, Katelyn and Bella)
  • The Hendersons (Sage and Harmony)
  • The Middletons (Seth)
  • The Woods (Hannah, Emmaly, Ben, and Sam)
  • The Girards (Ashley and Jackson)
  • Sonja Shimmele (Sonja and Andy)
  • The Bell/Franklin family (Mataya and Tanaya)
  • The Curries (Rozlyn and Aurora)
  • The Hoppers (Mariah)

Produce for Sale by Donation

On August 17th, Garden Coordinator/Teacher Barb Silva plans to take school-grown produce from the school garden to the Joyce Farmers Market.  The Joyce Farmers Market is from 10am to 2pm at 54292 Highway 112, East of Joyce.

Harvest items for sale (by donation) will include zucchini, garlic, herbs, and flowers.  Mr. Mike Silva has also donated honey to the school for selling at the market.  All proceeds from the sale will go back into improving the school garden.

Check it out!

To look at some of the latest photos from the summer, or better yet, come to the garden and look around!