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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The district recently completed a phone survey where we collected information from 95 families representing 135 students. In those surveys there are some frequently asked questions that we addressed.


Please contact Mr. Bingham or Mrs. Carroll is you have questions that are more specific.


  • Strict adherence to the DOH, CDC principles
  • Stay home if you are sick or experiencing COVID symptoms
  • Continually practice good handwashing and good hygiene.
  • Wear a Face covering
  • Practice the principles of “Social Distancing” 6’ spacing

A.   Here is a link to the DRAFT reopening plan that will be presented to the school board for approval on Monday, August 10 at a special 5:30 PM ZOOM meeting.


We are looking at a number of factors, but today we know that school is scheduled to reopen on Thursday, August 27 for students. This could be the beginning of a “Soft Start” by utilizing an AB schedule for the first few weeks with the hope of increasing the number of days per week as we practice our plan and get comfortable that we have the capacity to provide for the safety and welfare of all students and staff in this process.


We know that we will not open for all students on campus August 27. We will continue monitoring the COVID-19 trend in the County and Community based on the infection rate of number of cases per 100,000 residents during a 14 day period. The Governor, Superintendent of Public Instruction, State DOH and our local DOH officer continue to provide us guidance.


Additionally, the district is in discussions with the employee bargaining groups around the plan for a safe resumption of in-person instruction.


I think we will have a much better idea by the end of the week of August 10. If we will be opening in an A B model for all students, going remote for a period of time, or creating a modified A B model.

A:  Most all students that live outside of the Crescent School District boundaries that attended Crescent last year will be accepted for the 2020-2021 school year. Students living outside of the Crescent School District service area wanting to attend Crescent School during the 2020-2021 year should make their request now, but in order for us to provide some in-person instruction this year will be limiting new request based on the class size of each individual class. It you are an out-of-district student wishing to attend Crescent School District this year please call the school office ASAP at 360-928-3311 ext 1000.

  1. We have adopted a platform called SeeSaw for our students in grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade and Google Classroom for our students in Grades 3 through 12. Our teachers are currently training on their own and will continue to do so as we get closer to the opening of school. In early September we will provide opportunities for parents to learn how the systems works and how to support their child. Watch for an invitation to a parent workshop on “How to support your child’s online and in-person learning”.

A.  All questions about your child’s IEP and services should be directed to his/her case manager (Special Education Teacher) for:


Because teachers are on their summer break you could also contact our Special Education Director Therese Carroll

A.  There is a partnership between the Clallam County Department of Health (CCDOH) and the Crescent School District (CSD) to handle suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the School setting. A suspected case that CSD becomes aware of will be reported to the (CCDOH) and positives would be reported to CSD by CCDOH.


     The role of Social Distancing, face coverings and length of exposure will be evaluated by CCDOH and they will recommend steps CSD should take in terms of quarantining individuals, a whole class, or maybe even a grade band.  CCDOH would conduct contact-tracing to determine if it was contracted outside of or within the CSD building.


CSD and CCDOH are strictly regulated about the release of information, but CSD will be as transparent as possible.

Additional deep cleaning will be conducted in contact areas that had been affected by the presence of the person who was tested positive.


One again, we will strictly adhere to handwashing, face coverings, staying home when sick and social distancing to reduce the possibility of transmission COVID-19 for those found in the vicinity of a positive COVID-19 patient. Teachers will be asked to keep seating charts, bus drivers will assign seats, and a study of student movement at school will be considered.


Our plan for providing instruction considers the possibility that a student or group of students might have to go to remote learning for a specified time period.

A.  The WIAA has made a number of adjustments to their sports calendar and when certain sports will be offered. On Wednesday, they again updated their plan. Currently the WIAA is not offering any sports in their Season 1/Fall season that we offer at Crescent School District. There has been an information request put out a couple of weeks ago to gage the interest that their might be in CROSS COUNTRY as Crescent School District and only two students responded yes. Basketball practice is scheduled to start the last week of December.

Here is the tentative Calendar:

Sports in 20-21


Also, here is a link to the WIAA’s most recent update.


A.  Face coverings will be required for students, staff and on-campus visitors.  Exceptions will be considered on a “case by case” basis and following the CDC, DOH and Special Education laws. Requests should be directed to our school nurse, Corrie Hightower,


Medical and Special Education considerations will be considered.


The teachers are encouraged to take advantage of the traditional fall weather to provide “outside breaks” to allow for students and adults to socially distance for a break from a face covering.


Face shields in conjunction with desk shields and strict social distancing may be available for some students.


We strongly encourage parents to start having their child wear a face covering for short time periods between now and the opening of in-person instruction, and add a little more time every couple of days.

A.  Call the school office 360-928-3311 ext. 1000 and we can make arrangements for you to pick up a cloth face covering. During the time school is in session there will be cloth face coverings available for student use during the day. Clean coverings will be available each day and the student can turn in their used face covering for laundering.

A.  No, you may provide the covering for your students, but it needs to be clean at the beginning of each school day that your child is in attendance.

A.  We in the process of developing a daily “Attestation” that staff will be required to complete each day prior to entering campus. This will be an electronic document that will be pushed out each day early in the AM to be completed. There will be a question about temperature and some specific symptoms.


We are also working on an app/online attestation that parents can complete for their student voluntarily each day. Students will still be visually observed when they arrive on campus, but this will allow the student to enter campus each day when he/she arrives.


For students that do not have an attestation registered on the program when they arrive a staff member will screen them by taking a temperature and screening for symptoms.


For school bus travel the parent must complete the online attestation before the student boards the bus. Students exiting the bus will still be contacted visually by a staff member looking for outward signs of illness.

A.  We are looking at the data from the survey and will develop bus routes that;

  1. To the best of our ability, reduce the time a student in on a bus.
  2. Provides for family cohorting on the bus.
  3. Provides for social distancing
  4. Buses will be loaded Back to Front and unloaded Front to Back
    • Face coverings will be required for students to ride the bus.
    • Students/parents will need to complete the daily attestation prior to boarding the bus.
    • Bus schedules will be adjusted to arrive at the school not sooner than 7:45 AM
    • Buses will be disinfected in the late afternoon for the next day’s AM run and after the AM run each day.

A.  Contact the school office to make sure we know that will want your child on our “Remote learning plan”.  360-928-3311 ext. 1000

A.  Yesterday our maintenance director met with representatives of our HVAC service team and they have recommended a specific filter and replacement cycle. Those filters have been ordered and we have been assured of their arrival and installation before students are scheduled to begin school.
Additionally the HVAC technician conducted additional training for our maintenance director on how to maximize the movement of outside air into our classrooms. Staff will be trained how this works and some recommendations for the keeping some interior doors open to maximize the efficiency of the HVAC system will be practiced.

A.  Classrooms, office spaces, and bathrooms will be cleaned each day utilizing the recommended environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. This will take place between 4 PM and 6AM each after the buildings have been vacated by students and staff. You can find the Fact Sheet for the cleaners at these two links at the bottom of this page at this link


Bathrooms and many frequently touched surfaces will cleaned throughout the school day.

A.  We purchase two storage containers and freed up other storage space to move furniture out of classroom spaces to help us to provide for the required 6’ social distancing requirements. Classrooms have less furniture in them and the desks and teacher workspaces are distanced from each other.


We will develop required directional travel paths in some areas (like in the stores).


We have removed many of the desktop computers from classrooms and computer labs to provide more space for social distancing. We have purchased enough Chromebooks and Chromepads for every students to have his/her own. This device will need to be at school on the days the student is in school and they will take it home on their non in-person learning day. It is critical to the education of your students that the electronic device be with him/her both at home and while at school.


If your student was used to working in classes with tables he/she will find that in almost every case that the tables have been replaced by desks to support social distancing and maximize the number of people that can safely occupy.


We were able to do some significant work on facilities while school was closed and we have a very clean and educationally useful K -5 special education space. It provides for both large and small group and even individual student instructional needs.


The portable next to the library has been cleaned, painted inside, new windows have been installed and it is ready for Socially Distanced instruction for the sixth grade class.


The side walk project was completed, although we still have some handrail work to complete.


We hoped to begin some remodeling of the gym foyer, locker rooms, kitchen, cafeteria and band room, but the timeline got too tight and we will look to do that next summer.

A.  Yes, students will still be able to access the school food service program. For students in the elementary grades they will eat in their classrooms under the direction of a para-professional. Students will eat at their desks and a routine will be developed for outside play once they have finished eating. Handwashing will be required before eating and after eating.


Secondary students will eat in the cafeteria where social distancing will be strictly enforced. Students will go through a line, but their food will be put on the plates by the food service staff. Handwashing as they enter the cafeteria will be required and face coverings will be required until they sit at their place to eat.


OSPI is also requiring that we have meals available for students who are learning at home.  We are still working out the details on how we will make that work and will keep families updated as the program develops.

A.  We will post updates on the school district website:


We will continue to use the ParentSquare automated system.  If you are not receiving notifications via ParentSquare, please contact Nora Martin at 360-928-331 x1005.


We will also put our communications on the district’s Facebook page.