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Open-Up Options

Learning Plan Options
The 3 options allowed for schools by OSPI are:
  1. 100% Remote/Online (we plan to use this only if closed by DOH because of increased infection rates in our area);
  2. Hybrid/A-B Schedule (we plan to open with this for the first weeks of the year to soften our return following DOH guidelines on campus);
  3. Modified In-Person (we plan to begin October 1, full-time, face-to-face on campus, following DOH guidelines such as mask wearing and physical distancing).


*We plan to begin with:
A.  Option 2:  "Soft-Start September"
B.  Option 3:  "Open-Up October"
C.  "Flexible Friendly" - *Due to unforeseen conditions, we may have to change plans as the year rolls along...we appreciate everyone's patience!
MULTIPLE SAFEGUARDS IN PLACE:  Social Distancing, Face Coverings, Cohort grouping, Hand-washing protocols, Disinfectant/Cleaning Procedures, and Daily Screenings/Attestations will all be required for us to return for face-to-face instruction on campus. In order to effectively implement these changes, as well as prepare all of us for possible closures in the future with increased training in the use of technology, we will begin with the Hybrid A/B Option for the first month of school (Soft-Start September). After giving ourselves a “soft start”, we hope to fully reopen on October 1 (Open-Up October), having learned new routines and prepared for any future closures caused by increased infection rates.
Reopening Options