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Strategic Plan



Crescent School, tucked between the mountains and the sea, will capitalize on its Olympic Peninsula heritage and geography. Students at Crescent will receive an innovative educational/learning experience utilizing our
community partnerships and natural Northwest surroundings.  Our teachers are supported to be creative and to foster a joyful and engaging learning environment.
  1. Increase outdoor learning opportunities
  2. Develop curriculum
  3. Retain and recruit top-gun/rock-star, highly regarded teachers


Crescent School shares pride in the community. We will support students’ dreams by developing collaborative partnerships, empowering students and families, fostering communication, and promoting enthusiasm for education.
  1. Develop partnerships to support the student, staff, and community needs.


Crescent School strives to use resources and facilities responsibly.  Safety of our students and staff is a priority. We strive for our facilities to support learning and understand that spaces reflect the activities that happen within them. Our spaces should utilize and honor the natural resources of the area and inspire learning.
  1. February 2020 Capital Projects Levy
  2. Develop Capital Plan by July 2020


As technology evolves, Crescent School will strategize ways to use it academically, ethically, and successfully to broaden perspectives and form meaningful connections. We will explore and utilize digital tools to provide the infrastructure that supports dynamic learning in our digitally connected world.
  1. Connecting classrooms with the latest technology
  2. Connecting community to school


Crescent School will maintain fiscal responsibility while seeking innovative financial solutions to both support and expand strategic planning goals.
  1. Expand revenue sources
  2. Transparent practices
  3. Align budget with Strategic Plan Goals


In Crescent School, the wellness of students and adults is a priority.  We will create an authentic, welcoming environment where social, emotional, physical health and safety are valued and supported. We acknowledge and respect the individual, their voice, needs and aspirations.
  1. Social/Emotional support for students  & families
  2. Support Health & Safety of Students  & Staff
  3. Promote Healthy Eating