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Crescent Levy 2020

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What is the Levy about?

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On January 22, 2020 KONP Radio spoke with Superintendent Dave Bingham, Citizens for Crescent Kids Chairman Steve Singhose, and Crescent Student Representative to the Board Amalie Mantchev about the Crescent Levy measures:
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What is a Levy?

Levies are taxes voted on by local voters and paid for by local property owners.  The current levies (there are two) are expiring in December 2020.  Crescent School is asking voters to renew those levies for another four years.


Two Levies on the Ballott:

   ~Proposition 1:  Educational Programs & Operations (EP&O) Levy
     (formerly known as the *M&O (Maintenance and Operations) Levy)

   ~Proposition 2:  Capital Projects Levy

The School has Shown Responsibility and Demonstrated Trust
With Levy Support Dollars

   In the last four years, the EP&O Levy has supported <all or part of> the following:
-Music Program
-Library Materials
-Extracurricular Activities
-Post-High School Exploration (student trips to visit colleges, career fairs, etc)
-Food Service Program Support
-Technology Support
-School Garden Support
-After School Support Program (Extended Day)
-School Nurse
-Special Education Support
-Counseling Support
   In the last four years, the Capital Projects Levy enabled the school to accomplish
everything we said we would...all on time and under budget!  Take a look!  Projects included:
-Complete Mansard Replacement
-Soffit Repair
-Four Bathrooms Updated
-Outdoor Campus Lighting Upgraded
-ADA Door Handles
-Informacast Speakers and Alarms
-ADA Pathways & Access


What Will the Current Levy Asks Generate for the School?

   EP&O Levy:  $520,000 each year for four years
Continued Levy Support will be used to provide support in the same manner as we have in the past four years and as outlined above.  It really is money well spent when considering the parts of education that are "more than basic".
While McCleary generated more funds for schools, schools are still only funded for basic education. 
Reality:  Basic = "Bare Bones"

This means that OSPI tells the school what they will pay for, and then allots that amount of money to the school.  For example, we receive $X for books, $X for teacher salaries, $X for special ed. To be fiscally responsible, we don't spend more than $X, right?
However, the $X amount for teachers, for example, is only 79% of how many teachers we actually need.  So...we either cut teaching positions, or find funding elsewhere.  This is where the levy allows the school to be more than just "bare bones".
    Capital Projects Levy:  $125,000 each year for four years. 
    This will provide for the following projects:
   ~Purchase a backup generator for use in an emergency to provide:
-a warm place for kids to go & be fed in the case of an emergency (kitchen/cafeteria),
-back up the freezer to avoid loss of food inventory
-allow septic use
   ~Repair & modernize kitchen including:
-Implementation of Heath Department recommendations to centralize dishwashing area
-Replacement of inefficient dishwasher
-Streamline Service Area to maximize space in both the kitchen and the eating area
-Modernize counters (current counters are from the 1970's)
-Upgrade walls, ceiling
   ~Upgrade girls & boys locker rooms for safety & privacy
-Upgrade shower stalls (kids say they are less hesitant to shower if there is more privacy)
-Upgrade bathrooms
   ~Repair and modernize cafeteria & band room
-Repair and upgrade of ceilings and walls for acoustical efficiency and inviting feel
   ~Upgrades in gym: 
--Replace 1970's electrical panel, modernize foyer, and upgrade concessions

What Will This Cost Property Owners?

~EP&O LevyProjected to cost $1.446 per thousand of property value**
Example:  A property valued at $200,000 will pay $289.20 per year ($200,000 x .001446)
~Capital Projects Levy:  Projected to cost $0.348 per thousand of property value**
Example:  A property valued at $200,000 will pay $69.60 per year ($200,000 x .000348)
**Rates are variable depending on the taxable assessed value by the county.  The most recent figures (as of Jan 2020) show that the our projected costs of $0.348/$1.446 (respectively) per thousand are conservative estimates, and the real cost may come in much less, as low as $0.31/$1.33 by 2024