Your input is important: February 2024 Levy Survey

Greetings and I hope you are doing well,

On February 13, 2024 the Crescent School District voters will be asked to approve a four-year EP&O (Educational Program & Operations) and a Capital Projects replacement levies to provide local funding for educational programs and facilities upgrades in the district. The requests would replace levies that were approved in February of 2020 for a four year term.  Our current levies expire after the October 2024 tax collection. The School District is currently working to identify our critical funding needs so we can establish levy amounts to be requested for each levy. If approved, these levies would REPLACE levies that expire after the 2024 tax year. The tax collection would begin in April of 2025.

What is an EP&O Levy?

An EP&O (Educational Programs and Operations) levy funds programs, staffing, services, and supplies to supplement state and federal dollars. EP&O Levy funds supplement or fully fund a wide variety of enrichment programs, staffing, and student activities.

Our most recent EP&O Levy Collects $520,000 per year for four years and helps to fund such things as:

  1. Student Activities/Athletics/Athletic Transportation/ASB programs not supported by other resources.
  2. Supplies and Services above those provided by state funding.
  3. Support of shop programs that are not CTE approved.
  4. Music Program.
  5. Information Technologist. 3.5 days per week on campus support.
  6. Additional workdays for teaching staff for Professional Development.
  7. Unfunded Food Service Costs.
  8. Unfunded Special Education Costs.
  9. Library purchases.
  10. Extended Day program.

What is a Capital Project?

A Capital Projects levy is a voter-approved measure that provides funding for repurposing or extending the useful life of school buildings, and for making critical safety and technology infrastructure repairs and replacements

Capital Projects Levy dollars cannot be used to operate schools or programs. For example, we can’t pay the electric bill with Capital Projects funds. The District is seeking input from stakeholders to help the board set priorities for the EP&O and Capital Projects levies. Our most recent Capital Projects levy collects $125,000 per year for four years and helped to fund such things as:

  1. The remodel of the gym foyer and locker rooms.
  2. The remodel of the school kitchen and cafeteria.
  3. The remodel of the band room.
  4. The district is in the design phase for a generator that would operate the Cafeteria, Kitchen, food storage areas, the office lights, phone and computer systems and the school septic pumps. This project is scheduled for completion by the end of the 2024-2025 school year.

Thank you, Could you please complete the Survey at this link:

David Bingham, Superintendent