2021-22 Opening Plan


Linked is the Opening Plan for September 2021 as required to be submitted to OSPI by June 1st. This plan will be approved by the School Board on Thursday, May 27 during their regular board meeting after an opportunity for public comment.

During the pandemic the federal government has awarded ESSER funds to school districts for COVID relief. The Opening plan is required before we can spend the ESSER II and III dollars that have been approved.

Much of this is a boiler-plate template from OSPI containing questions that the district has to respond to. This draft has been vetted by the CEA executive officers to help be sure they know the basic requirements from OSPI for September reopening.  The plan addresses the five “Key Questions” below.

  • How will we open five days per week in-person next year?
  • Have we identified our issues around “equity”?
  • How are we going to address “learning loss” as we move forward?
  • How are we addressing the “Social Emotional” struggles of our students?
  • How are/will we be communicating these things to our families and community?

This document is a “living document” that will be monitored, adjusted and changed as we move through the 2021- 2022 school year. OSPI requires progress reports twice during the year.

A couple of themes that continually come up in the OSPI and DOH guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Distancing is a strong consideration, but “should not inhibit fully reopening to students.” The words, “whenever possible” come up often in the newest guidance.
  • The use of “Daily Attestations” is not in the language for September. We will see how that plays out over the summer.
  • As of the time of this writing, masking and hand cleaning continue to be a staple of the precautionary requirements.

The plan states that if a cohort were to experience an exposure that the district will able to provide “remote” instruction to those placed in quarantine for the time they are required to do so.

Use of hybrid scheduling is not an option in the planning, so our plan addresses that we will be open five days per week next year for all students. We will use 6’ or 3’ distancing “whenever possible”.

As you look at the plan, the last section called “General Guidance” is not part of the required part of the OSPI submission and is more like handbook language and for now has been pulled from our plan from last year. This will be updated and changed as we move into summer.

The development of this plan had some challenges because much of the boiler plate language worked off the assumptions that we were not as fully open as we already are. Our only real change at this time is that we will be moving to five days per week to meet the OSPI and Governor Inslee’s directive. We considered a 12:30 dismissal on Wednesdays next year, but we could not meet the OSPI “contact time” requirement so we will dismiss at 1:26 on Wednesday’s next year.

It is planned to re-implement the extended day program M-F for K-5.

I have been in contact with the representatives of CEA and PSE and will continue to do so in the month of June.

Thank you for your dedication to our students.  Remember, the main purpose of this document is for compliance and funding purposes for next school year, but please ask me questions if you have any.

David Bingham

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