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Board Member Application

Information and Instructions to apply for School Board Vacancy.  Required fields are marked with an asterisk*.

If preferred, this form may be downloaded as a PDF and submitted by email to dbingham@csd313.org or mailed to the school at PO Box 20, Joyce, WA 98343, or hand-delivered to the school office.


The Washington State School Directors Association provides information on School Board Service and that material can be found at the following link:  https://www.wssda.org/leadership-development/board-development/for-new-school-directors/

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The Crescent School Board is seeking applicants to appoint to fill an un-expired term that is vacant as the result of a recent resignation. The successful applicant will complete the term and if so choses could run for a new four-year term in the November, 2021, general election. The process of filling this position will follow Crescent School District Policy 1114 and Procedure 1114P.

Interested applicants shall fill out this application, answer the questions and return to the Crescent School District office by 4:00 p.m., Friday, June 12, 2020. Applicant screening will take place at a time yet to be determined in a public school board study session. Applicants chosen for an interview will interview with the Crescent School Board of Directors on Thursday, June 25, 2020, during the regular board meeting, which begins at 7:00 p.m. During an executive session at this meeting, the Board anticipates making a decision on which applicant to appoint, appointing that applicant, and seating the new member at the meeting prior to any other official board business.

RCW 42.04.020 Eligibility to hold office.

That no person shall be competent to qualify for or hold any elective public office within the state of Washington, or any county, district, precinct, school district, municipal corporation or other district or political subdivision, unless he or she be a citizen of the United States and state of Washington and an elector of such county, district, precinct, school district, municipality or other district or political subdivision.

According to RCW 42.02.020, do you meet the minimum qualifications to hold elected office in the State of Washington?*
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Information and policies related to School Board Member Duties and Responsibilities can be found on the school district website (1000 Series).

In the interview with the board, we will expand on the questions below and seek more input from you.

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